Tuesday, 4 June 2013


~Word of the day, curtosey of Afif.

First Day Reflections

-Something that interested me was the idea of building(?) and programming a robot. I chose this program because of my interest in robotics and my CCA(Co-Curricular Activity), which was Robotics. I was extremely disappointed because of the lack of physically constructing the robot, like we do in SST(Singapore School of Science and Technology).

-I think that I can improve on my programming skills on the VEX robot, and it will/may help my team during the upcoming Singapore VEX competitions. Also, this will help me understand a new programming software and expand my sights and broaden my knowledge.

-So far, I have no burning questions that I want to ask because I am certain that I know enough to proceed.

~Plenary Sessions
-The plenary sessions for Bio-Technology was very informative, and helped me refresh my  knowledge on the new proceedings in the field of Bio-Technology. I learnt how close humans are to great advances in the field of space.